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Welcome to Future Phi Delt, a site built to help students, parents and ultimately future brothers learn and understand more about Phi Delta Theta and the Greek community in general. To get a glimpse into the brotherhood that is Phi Delta Theta, check out the video below.

“Hello, my name is…”

The first few days of college may leave you feeling a little intimidated. Not knowing where to go. Or whom to go with. But after the dust settles and you know your hall mates’ names and your way to and from your classes, you may get up the nerve to allow yourself to ask some of the bigger questions, like “What are my goals while I’m here at college?”

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“Greatness” is the mark of leaders. They have a certain quality that is socially engaging, very professional, very appealing to others, very approachable and believable. It doesn’t require alcohol to lubricate it or backside paddling to build its resolve. It is something that you already have inside of you. It just needs to be brought out. It is the mark of many Phi Delta Theta alumni because our recruiters seek it, our new members have it, and our brotherhood is all about supporting and encouraging it. At Phi Delta Theta, your character will evolve for the better through friendship, sound learning and rectitude.