Phi Delta Theta | Kansas State University

Alumni Advisory Council

The Kansas Gamma Phi Delta Theta Alumni Advisory Board Operating Framework

The Advisory Board is a collaborative effort between the chapter advisory board, housing corporation, alumni relations and at times chapter undergraduates to review and ensure the three key drivers; chapter operations, physical plant/treasury and alumni club of KS Gamma are making consistent progress towards the agreed upon vision. This process is not an effort to “hover” over the chapter, create endless rules and policies, or “run it the way it used to be” but instead an effort to create a cross functional understanding of the progress being made and inject whenever possible, ways to improve our “operating framework*”. The Advisory Board represents the “institution” known as Kansas Gamma. (Oxford Dictionary; Institution – A well-established and familiar custom.)

This strategy development and execution creates an opportunity for interactive learning that sets in motion a mentoring process between the alumni and house participants and hopefully between those mentored and others in the house.

*operating framework is how the chapter, housing corporation and alumni operate within a defined culture on a regular basis.


The Advisory Board has 3 key drivers:

  • Chapter Advisory Board
  • Housing Corporation
  • Kansas Gamma Alumni Club


How does it operate?

  1. The President is the only officer
  2. Voting membership includes two (2) members from CAB, HC and AC
  3. In voting matters, simple majority wins
  4. If the President is one of the two members from either CAB, HC or AC, then the President’s vote would be the tie breaker if required
  5. Members at large can exist in varying numbers for CAB, HC, and AC


What is its role?

  1. Sets and maintains the vision for Kansas Gamma
  2. Ensures short and long term CAB, HC and AC strategies are encompassing and aligned
  3. Coordinates, when needed, activities between CAB, HC and AC
  4. Establishes reviews of CAB, HC and AC strategy execution to ensure we are making consistent progress towards the agreed upon vision
  5. Injects, when appropriate, changes of strategy or methods of improvement
  6. When needed, provide conflict resolution between CAB, HC and AC


When are the meetings?

  1. The Advisory Council meets when needed but not less than 5 times per year
  2. The schedule is as follows:
    • August – Review Fall objectives, include undergraduates
    • November – Review progress made during Fall semester, include undergrads
    • January – Review Spring objectives, include undergraduates
    • April – Review progress made during Fall semester, include undergraduates
    • June – Usually held on day of golf tournament, without undergraduates


Kansas Gamma Vision Statement – Created November 14, 2015

Be considered by those we encounter as a chapter that is characterized as “one of the best houses on campus” and whose members are of high moral standard, poses integrity, high energy and character.  Be a place that young men want to join and where parents encourage them to do so.  Live daily in a culture that fosters team, excellence in all things, accountability and a servant heart.


Kansas Gamma Chapter Advisor
James Barrick, #1426, Grad 2008 – Kansas Gamma Chapter Advisor

Alumni Advisory Board
Dean Watson, #977, Grad 1981, Alumni Advisory Board President
Evan Howe, #995, Grad 1983, Alumni Advisory Board
James Barrick, #1426, Grad 2008 – Alumni Advisory Board
Walt Lane, #1028, Grad 1984, Alumni Advisory Board
David Grace, #1167, Grad 1992 – Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Club
Walt Lane, #1028, Grad 1984 – Alumni Club President
David Grace, #1167, Grad 1992 – Alumni Club Member
Meryl Wilson, #765, Grad 1971 – Alumni Club Member
Joe Augustine, #1541, Grad 2015 – Alumni Club Member
Mike Shull, #1230, Grad 1994 – Alumni Club Member
Pearce McKinley, #1455, Grad 2010 – Alumni Club Member

Housing Corporation
Evan Howe, #995, Grad 1983, Housing Corporation President
Dean Watson, #977, Grad 1981, Housing Corporation Member
Bret Rose, #1024, Grad 1984 – Housing Corporation Member
Meryl Wilson, #765, Grad 1971 – Housing Corporation Member
Walt Lane, #1028, Grad 1984 – Housing Corporation Member

Note that the members of this board have bond numbers that have a wide range for representation of the older and younger alumni.