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Phi Delt Alumni Portal Login

The Kansas State University Phi Delta Theta chapter maintains a comprehensive database that includes the contact information and general bio for our alumni. You are welcome to access this database but must receive a password from the administrator.

This database is kept secure and is not available for public distribution or use.

If you are a KSU Phi Delta Theta alumni and would like to gain access to this database, you must first email and request the login and password information.

Click here to access the database login screen

The database is Review-Only and cannot be edited. We may offer the ability for you to edit your own information, including uploading pictures and other information in the future. If you would like for your information to be updated, please click on this link, enter your information on our form and we will enter it for you.

Note: Apple IOS users with iPad, iPhones must download the Google Chrome app browser to access the database from these devices. Otherwise your login will not work.